DC SPJ 2009 Dateline Award Winners and Finalists

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The Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award

John Pekkanen of Washingtonian for “Call 911!”

Weekly Newspaper – Editorial, Columns, Commentary

  • First Place:A.B. Stoddard (The Hill) "Obama's First Year"
  • Second Place:Kevin Naff (The Washington Blade) "Gansler's Predictable Betrayal"

Weekly Newspaper – Arts Criticism

  • No awards given.

Weekly Newspaper – Features

  • First Place:Jordy Yager (Capital Living/The Hill) for “’I was not a pretty girl and I felt like I was a man’”
  • Second Place:Kris Kitto (Capital Living/The Hill) for “A Different Recovery Act”
  • Third Place:Jordy Yager (Capital Living/The Hill) for “Home on the Hill”

Weekly Newspaper – Investigative Reporting

  • First Place:Patricia M. Murret (The Gazette Newspapers) for “Gaithersburg-owned Rentals a Surprise to City Officials”
  • Second Place:Jared Allen (The Hill) for “Earmarks: Hide and Go Seek”
  • Third Place:Silla Brush (The Hill) for “Little Oversight of AIG Before Bailout”

Weekly Newspaper – Spot News

  • First Place:Jordy Yager (The Hill) for “Republican Warning on Spies”
  • Second Place:Alexander Bolton (The Hill) for “Arlen Specter’s Tough Choice”
  • Third Place:Lou Chibbaro, Jr. (Washington Blade/D.C. Agenda) for “Miscarriage of Justice”

Weekly Newspaper – General News

  • First Place:Gregg Carlstrom (Federal Times) for “Paid to Do Nothing”
  • Second Place:Roxana Tiron (The Hill) for “$400/Gallon Gas: Another Cost of War in Afghanistan”
  • Third Place:Patricia M. Murret (The Gazette Newspapers) for “Longtime City Official Steps Down”

Weekly Newspaper – Business/Financial Reporting

  • First Place:Kevin Bogardus (The Hill) for “Lobbyists Raising Money for Lawmakers’ Portraits”
  • Second Place:Jim Snyder and Silla Brush (The Hill) for “Billions Still Up for Lobbyist Grabs in the Fiscal Stimulus”
  • Third Place:Roxana Tiron (The Hill) for “Lobbyist Hired to Combat Somali Pirates”

The Correspondent Award

  • First Place:John Wordock (Marketwatch Radio Network) for “Stimulus Notebook”

Online News/Features

  • First Place: Elaine Grossman (Global Security Newswire)for "Inside Obama Administration, A Tug of War Over Nuclear Warheads"
  • Second Place:Amy Reinink (publicintegrity.org) for "The 'Soft Underbelly' of Development?"
  • Third Place:Carol Ross Joynt (New York Social Diary) for “Washington Social Diary”


  • First Place: Len Lazarick (marylandreporter.com) for "Marylandreporter.com Analysis"
  • Second Place:Andy Rosen (marylandreporter.com) for "Marylandreporter.com Stories"
  • Third Place:Carol Ross Joynt (caroljoynt.com) for “Swimming in Quicksand”

Daily Newspaper – General News

  • First Place:Scott McCabe and Freeman Klopott (The Washington Examiner) for “Most Wanted”

Daily Newspaper – Spot News

  • First Place:Staff (The Washington Times) for “Horror at the Holocaust Museum”
  • Second Place:Staff (The Washington Times) for “Disaster on the Metro”

Daily Newspaper – Investigative Reporting

  • First Place:Matthew Cella (The Washington Times) for “Videos, Tests Show Failures by D.C. EMS”
  • Second Place:Alan Suderman (The Washington Examiner) for “Tuition Assistance”
  • Third Place:Brian Westley and Brett Zongker (The Associated Press) for “Neglected National Mall: Congress Sends Extra Money Back Home”

Daily Newspaper – Business/Financial Reporting

  • First Place: Brett Zongker (The Associated Press) for “King Family Draws Fees from D.C. Memorial Project”
  • Second Place:Sarah Karush (The Associated Press) for "Law Firms Pay New Hires to Work for Public Good"
  • Third Place:David Sherfinski, Alan Suderman and Teddy Kahn (The Washington Examiner) for “Foreclosure Fallout”

Daily Newspaper – Features

  • First Place:Brian McNally (The Washington Examiner) for “The Score”
  • Second Place:Nafeesa Syeed (The Associated Press) for “D.C. Sniper Ex-Wife”

Daily Newspaper – Editorial, Columns, Commentary

  • First Place:Barbara Hollingsworth (The Washington Examiner) for "Big Con on Virginia's 'Big Day'"
  • Second Place: Barbara F. Hollingsworth (The Washington Examiner) for "States Reassert Their Sovereignty"

Daily Newspaper – Photojournalism

  • First Place:Peter Lockley (The Washington Times) for “Remembering the Brave”
  • Second Place:J.M. Eddins, Jr. and Photo Staff (The Washington Times) for “Obama Takes Charge”

Daily Newspaper – Arts Criticism

  • No awards given.

Daily Newspaper – Sports

  • No awards given.

Magazine – Features

  • First Place:Emily Leaman (Washingtonian) for "’Where do zoo babies come from?’"
  • Second Place:Kashmir Hill, David Lat, Marisa M. Kashino (Washingtonian) for “Top Lawyers”

Magazine – General News

  • First Place:Cindy Rich (Washingtonian) for “’I could see the car coming. Then I heard the screaming.’”
  • Second Place:Toby Harndon (Washingtonian) for “’We lived with fear and anxiety for a long time.’”
  • Third Place:Lisa Nevans Locke (Bethesda Magazine) for “I Spy”

Magazine – Editorial, Columns, Commentary

  • First Place:Amanda Pagliarini (Washingtonian) for “How Could He Just Stand There?”
  • Second Place:Sarah Oekkanen (Bethesda Magazine) for “Picture Perfect”
  • Third Place:Todd Kliman (Washingtonian) “Where’s the Beef?”

Magazine – Arts Criticism

  • First Place:Susan Baer (Washingtonian) for “Days at the Museum”
  • Second Place:Cragg Hines (Washingtonian) for “Making Musicians Play Like Devils and Angels”
  • Third Place:Kathleen Wheaton (Bethesda Magazine) for “The Second Act”

Magazine – Business/Financial Reporting

  • First Place:Harry Jaffe (Washingtonian) for “The Son Also Rises”
  • Second Place:Sherri Dalphonse (Washingtonian) for “Great Places to Work”
  • Third Place:Garrett M. Graff (Washingtonian) for “Tech Titans”

Magazine – Investigative Reporting

  • First Place:John Pekkanen (Washingtonian) for “Call 911!”
  • Second Place:Drew Lindsay (Washingtonian) for “Who Killed Danny Petrole?”

Magazine – Photojournalism

  • First Place:Vincent Ricardel (Washingtonian) for “Great Places to Work”
  • Second Place:Vincent Ricardel (Washingtonian) for “Top Lawyers”
  • Third Place:Matthew Worden (Washingtonian) for “Little Boy, Big Dreams”

Magazine – Sports

  • First Place:Mary Clare Fleury (Washingtonian) for “Field of Dreams”
  • Second Place:Gregg Easterbrook (Washingtonian) for “A Thinking Man’s Guide to Redskins Football”
  • Third Place:Drew Lindsay (Washingtonian) for “Sports News”

Television – Sports

  • First Place: Kris Van Cleave (WJLA) for “Trapeze School”

Television – Features

  • No awards given

Television – General News

  • First Place:Kris Van Cleave (WJLA) for “Final Homecoming”
  • Second Place:Rochelle Metzger and Saadia Van Winkle (CTV News – Prince George’s Community Television) for “Black, White and Shades of Gray”

Television – Spot News

  • First Place:Kris Van Cleave (WJLA) for “Everyday Heroes”
  • Second Place:Gary Nurenberg (WUSA) for “Park Police Shooting”
  • Third Place:Gary Nurenberg (WUSA) for “Museum Shooting”

Television – Business/Financial Reporting

  • First Place:Gary Nurenberg (WUSA) for “Fredericksburg Unemployment”

Television – Investigative Reporting

  • No awards given.

Radio – General News

  • First Place:News Staff (WTOP) for “Flu Continuing Coverage”
  • Second Place:Darci Marchese (WTOP) for “Home Value Highwire”

Radio – Investigative Reporting

  • First Place:Mark Segraves (WTOP) for “Taking Taxpayers for a Ride”
  • Second Place:Adam Tuss and Mark Segraves (WTOP) for “Ride at Your Own Risk”

Radio – Features

  • First Place:Brennan Haselton (WTOP) for “Glass Harp”
  • Second Place:Brennan Haselton (WTOP) for “Remembering the Walkman”

Radio –Business/Financial Reporting

  • Adrienne Mitchell, Tracy Johnke, Andrew O’Day and John Wordock (Marketwatch Radio Network) for “The Hunt for Stimulus in D.C.”

Radio – Spot News

  • No awards given.

Radio – Sports

  • First Place:Michelle Basch (WTOP) for “D.C. Divas”

Newsletter – Washington Reporting

  • First Place:Howard Buskirk and Adam Bender (Communications Daily) for “Lobbyist Provision Keeps Only Some Advocates Out of the Administration”
  • Second Place:Jonathan Make (Communications Daily) for “FCC Members Left Out of DTV Contracting Decision”
  • Third Place:Jonathan Strong (Inside Washington Publishers) for “How Unprepared is EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gasses?”